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Ongoing Operations and Maintenance Contracts

Commercial Insurance 2014. Click here - Commercial Insurance 2014

Contract 11-11: Financial Advisory Services. Click here - Financial Advisory Services

Contract 11-12: Investment Advisory Services. Click here - Investment Advisory Services

Contract 11-13: E-ZPass Back Office Design Implementation. Click here - E-ZPass Back Office Design Implementation

Contract 11-16: Guardrail Repair. Click here - Guardrail Repair

Contract 13-2: Plumbing Services. Click here - Plumbing Services

Contract 13-12: Event Planner RFP. Click here - Event Planner RFP

Contract 14-1: Armored Car Service. Click here - Armored Car Service

Contract 14-3: Health Benefits Broker. Click here - Health Benefits Broker

Contract 14-4: Retirement Plan Advisory Services. Click here - Retirement Plan Advisory Services

Contract 14-6: PCI Penetration Services. Click here - PCI Penetration Services

Contract 15-11: Public Information and Marketing Services. Click here - Public Information and Marketing Services

Contract 15-12: Toll Collection System Maintenance Upgrade. Click here - Toll Collection System Maintenance Upgrade

Contract 15-20: Legal Services. Click here - Legal Services

Contract 16-2: Audit Services. Click here - Audit Services

Contract 16-4: Mulch Bed Maintenance. Click here - Mulch Bed Maintenance

Contract 16-13: General Liability Insurance. Click here - General Liability Insurance

Contract 16-14: DMV Lookup. Click here - DMV Lookup